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Flowers - Pink Lady's Slippers in the Woodland

A botanical painting of flowers: pink lady's slippers, lily of the valley, and green lady ferns, watercolor, colored pencils, on paper, acid free, h: 19 1/2” x 26”, style: realism

The woodlands flourish with beautiful wildflowers. The elegant Pink Lady's Slippers are native to North America,the state flower of Minnesota and the state wildflower of New Hampshire. A rare plant, belonging to the orchid family, is endangered in some areas. They are very slow growing plants and people enjoy collecting the species. The Lily Of The Valley plants sprout in clusters. The small, delicate, white flowers are sweetly scented and used for perfumes and soaps. The scenic view of forest flowers, is backed with a curtain of tall, elegant Lady Ferns. The beauty of nature growing freely is perfection.


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