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Animals - International Rainforest

Rain forest animals, landscape painting, watercolor, acrylic on paper, acid free. image: h:31” x w:20”paper: h:36”x 24”

My painting is composed of endangered wildlife in rain forests from around the world. The Bengal Tiger, the national animal of India, is thought to be the 2nd largest species of tigers on earth. The black jaguar, also called black panther, is a large agile cat that can measure 6 feet in length.The blue peacock, a male peafowl, with decorative plumage, is the national bird of India. This beautiful bird also resides in the rain forests of Thailand and Sri Lanka. The Scarlet Macaw, a parrot, measuring about 32” in length, is native to Central and South America. Its colorful feathers are a brilliant red, blue and yellow. The Quetzal Bird, with long shimmering green tail feathers is the state bird of Guatemala.

The animals and their fragile and complicated habitats, are being destroyed by mankind. Poaching, burning and the destruction of hundreds of acres daily continue to eliminate these magnificent creatures and their habitats in the rain forests.

I have painted the animals and birds among trees, plants, butterflies and flowers that are native to their habitats.The background is a colorful sunset in red, orange, yellow and pink with the hues reflected in the river. The beauty of nature abounds throughout this scenic landscape.


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